The Dynamic Album

David Hooper’s Music Marketing [dot] com is always a fascinating read on the independant music business.

He has an article talking about Nashville musician Geoff Smith, who calls his latest album “Ones And 0s” a “dynamic album”. This is great name for the music subscription model. The album is not a static traditional album that doesn’t change (until the “deluxe” edition with bonus tracks comes out).

$14.99 gets you all of the album tracks, plus new bonus material every couple weeks for a year after the album release.

This is really no different than the Dandy Warhols’ subscription concept, only it is being pitched as an iTunes Podcast. This is just a syndicated feed, but using iTunes makes it easy to set up – if you have an iPod or otherwise like iTunes. There is a RSS feed if you don’t want to use iTunes, but it requires a login, which makes it behave differently from normal RSS feeds.

You can buy the static version of the album (sans bonus content) on iTunes and CD Baby.

The album sounds like Smith’s idea of music the Beatles might have written if they were total geeks. It’s fun, power pop. You can preview some of the tracks on the website.

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