RPM Challenge 2009

I rather enjoyed last year’s RPM Challenge and will be participating again this year. In fact, I can’t wait until midnight to get started.

(The RPM Challenge is an organization which encourages musicians to write, record, mix, and master an album in the month of February.)

You can still hear my 2008 entry in the RPM Challenge Jukebox. It’s called “Superstition Of Witchcraft”.

I am not sure what I am going to do this year. It will be a single long-form piece again. My only thoughts so far (I have intentionally refused to think too much about it) are to use some ideas that I have been contemplating lately but that aren’t going to make it in to Music For The Monsters (which is essentially done but for final mixes).

Poker chips. Poker chips make the most beautiful noise in the world. Real clay poker chips – not the cheap plastic garbage you get at the drug store – though some of the imitation composite materials sound nice, too. While I don’t generally like having the TV on while trying to sleep, I do rather like the late-night poker program that NBC airs. It’s very quiet for a poker show, as they do less editing, so there are bits of time when the only sound is the players stacking and fidgeting with their chips. For some reason, this is very relaxing to me.

Over the last year, I have acquired a Thingamagoop and BitBlob from Bleep Labs, and while I have used a bit of the Thingamagoop on one Monsters track, I haven’t experimented with the BitBlob that much, and there is great potential using both together (you can attach LEDs to the poles of the BitBlob and have that LED control the Thingamagoop).

I also have been playing quite a bit with my MicroKorg, Korg DS-10, and Kaossilator (a lot of Korg!) that I have been experimenting with but haven’t done a lot of recording with.

I will be at a conference in Palm Springs in late February. Four days at a resort, with conference activities mostly confined to the days, leaves lots of time to work on stuff in the evenings. This is where I got most of the work done on 2008 RPM Challenge, and I expect that I will finish up this year’s effort there again.

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