Metallica Sees The Light?

Metallica is now embracing file sharing?

In a Rolling Stone interview, Metallica talks about plans for their new album.

So, their fight against Napster was “never about downloading”? and that they have been closely watching Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails and looking to see how they can “embrace everything”.

Okay… So they are now interested in downloading when other big-name bands make millions of dollars from letting fans download their albums. Way to spin that money-grubbing image, boys.

Their site offers a handfull of older live shows for free download. Anything recent will cost you. Not a lot, but more than free.

Metallica, of course, has every right to charge what they will for their music, whether studio or live recording. But have they really seen the light? Or does the whole notion of electronic delivery just now seem somehow profitable to them? Either way, they burned a great deal of goodwill among the music-buying audience with their handling of the Napter affair, and for taking so long to come around.

Bangsplat does not, for the record, own any Metallica albums.

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    Metallica forever!

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