RPM Challenge 2009 Update

So, whose brilliant idea was it to schedule the finale of the Tour Of California (finishing up in Escondido), the NASCAR Auto Club 500 (in Fontana), and the Oscars (Hollywood) all on the same day? My TiVo is straining under the load.

Somehow, I managed to finish my RPM Challenge 2009 piece as well. Or at least I declared it done.

Like last year’s piece, it is a single long piece (in this case about 49 minutes). It was built almost entirely with the Bangsplat Non-Realtime Audio Synthesizer and built on a 16-note scale. There is some additional ambient noise created on a MicroKorg.

It will be available for free streaming on the RPM Challenge for free as soon as I send it in and they get it on the site.

I also plan to make it available for download here.

This is, of course, a large part of the reason I haven’t been posting a lot here over the last month. Thing should return to normal now.

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