Over the past week, a theater downtown has been showing the Godfrey Reggio film Koyaanisqatsi, with a different musical act providing live soundtrack each night. The theater is the Downtown Independent, a shining new space in a not-so-shining neighborhood. It’s a cool theater – they have reclining couches and serve beer.

They need to do a better job of promotion because I had never heard of it until Tuesday evening when I found out that Jimmy Tamborello (Postal Service, Dntel) was doing the movie that night as Dublab Drone-Dreamers with some friends, including Ben Knight (The Tyde, Mystic Chords Of Memory), who happens to be my brother-in-law.

I don’t know the other nights’ performers (Aurest, DJ Hines Buchanan, DJ Thavius Beck, Pharaos, and a mystery special guest performance).

This is a really cool idea, and I wish I could see more of the performances.

The band on Tuesday consisted of five performers, playing a variety of instruments, including guitar, Korg Kaossilator, xylophone, Nintendo DS (Electroplankton, Korg DS-10), laptop, and candlestick.

The candlestick was cool. It had all these ornamental branches and leaves coming off it. There was a contact mic connected to it, and the leaves were plucked and played with a bow. There was another contact mic being used, attached to a thin plastic sheet (shaken to make a thunder sound) and a plexiglass sheet (then scratched with various items).

It was a gorgeous, atmospheric take on the film, with a few simple melodies, and getting all crazy electronic during what would have been Pruit Igoe and The Grid in the Philip Glass score.

Though it could have used a little Thingamagoop.

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