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A year ago today, Jonathan Coulton came to play at the House Of Blues on the Sunset Strip. It was the most enjoyable experience seeing a show at the House Of Blues, and I would have gladly returned for tonight’s edition of JoCo & Co.

However, it was not necessary, as they played at the new(ish) Largo. The old Largo would have been a fantastic venue for Jonathan Coulton – a small dinner club with a puny stage in a very intimate setting.

The new Largo used to be the Coronet, a 300-ish seat theater. It’s a pretty great venue, except for the seriously crappy seats. And the surprising lack of alcohol.

It was geek-a-palooza. Felicia Day and Sandeep Parikh of The Guild were in the audience and everyone knew who they were. Wil Wheaton opened the show with a presentation of a giant d20 die of geekdom to Jonathan Coulton. Molly, aka sweetafton23, showed up to play ukulele, and even got a solo song. There was also a magnitude 4.7 earthquake at the beginning of Paul & Storm‘s set that most of the audience (and all of the performers) failed to notice – even though it was really obvious to me.

It was a great show and the sold-out crowd was polite, engaged, and enthusiastic.

Update: Wil Wheaton wrote about the show on his blog, and included the text of the Geek Proclamation.

Update Update: Molly wrote about the show in her blog as well.

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