Jonathan Coulton At The House Of Blues

Despite my issues for general admission shows, and the Hollywood House Of Blues in particular, I attended the Jonathan Coulton show Sunday night.

Best part: chairs. They had 300 folding chairs set up, a House Of Blues first for me. It was actually quite pleasant being able to sit in a chair while watching the show. The benefit of being a member of a relatively small fan base.

Coulton brothers-in-arms Paul And Storm opened, and did a very funny set. I bought a pirate t-shirt. Because, after all, they had pirate t-shirts.

Coolest toys of the night – Mr. Fancy Pants was performed on a Zendrum, including the most creative Rickroll ever. My Monkey was performed on a Tenori-On, a kind of Lite-Brite sequencer device created by the guy who designed Electroplankton.

Electroplankton is the best Nintendo DS game ever. It’s not a game exactly. There are several modes where little creatures move around on the screen and make noises based on their interactions with each other and their environment. The sounds are all chosen to work well together, and the result can be some pretty interesting music. Unfortunately, Electroplankton was a limited release in the US and used copies can run $100 or more. It may still be available in Japan, and import versions are fairly easy to find on eBay at reasonable prices.

The Tenori-On can be loaded with a variety of sounds, including some very Electroplankton-esque sounds. It seems to have different modes of operation. Coulton was using it as a playable sequencer. It was fascinating to watch the patterns on the bottom of the device while he performed the song. I want one. A lot.

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