Is MySpace Dead?

I keep getting e-mails informing me that MySpace is dead for musicians.

Arguably, the killer app of the (rather nebulous) Web 2.0 concept has been social networking sites. These sites are quite popular amongst the youth, and the market share shifts frequently. When was the last time you logged into Friendster?

MySpace offers accounts for bands, providing an easy to promote ones music. But with the rise in popularity of Facebook, MySpace is threatening to go the way of Friendster. Remember Friendster? Me, neither.

(Unfortunately, Facebook does not provide band-specific accounts, making it less than useful for music promotion.)

It’s hard enough to keep up with the shifting popularity of social networking sites, never mind the variants like Digg,, Twitter, etc.

The e-mails inform me that the next Big Thing for musicians is Twitter. I have set up a Bangsplat Twitter. If you don’t know what Twitter is, think the status feature of MySpace – and only that. I can’t figure out how to make any money off of it, but I guess it’s kind of cool.

Along the same keep-it-simple lines as Twitter is Posterous. It’s a no set-up blogging service which accepts posts as e-mails.

Most of these sites feature RSS feeds, so you can track them in any RSS reader, such as Google Reader. But my favorite new site is FriendFeed – a specialized Web 2.0 aggregator. You tell it all of your Web 2.0 sites and it displays all of your contacts’ updates. It keeps you from having to be logged in to a bunch of sites at once to keep track all the updates.

FriendFeed also serves as a posting service. But from a music promotion standpoint, the most useful thing about FriendFeed is that it allows fans to track a musician’s various Web 2.0 accounts. Except MySpace, which doesn’t offer any sort of RSS feeds, as far as I know.

Oh, and for those of you who care:

Bangsplat MySpace
Bangsplat Twitter
Bangsplat Posterous
Bangsplat FriendFeed

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