The Loud Objects Noise Toy

The Loud Objects are a collective of electronic noise musicians, including Tristan Perich, whose 1 Bit Music I have written about previously. It is difficult to call them a band, as they don’t really have albums, but they do performances using electronic noisemakers of their own design.

They collaborated with Bleep Labs on the Bit Blob, which was released in a very limited edition (of which I was lucky enough to obtain one). It’s a soundchip mounted on a board with bolts sticking up to attach alligator clips for circuit bending.

They also have something they call The Lod Objects Noise Toy, a very small circuit board that mounts a chip, two buttons, headphone jack, battery, and on/off switch.

As Moldover showed with the Awesome Edition of his album, you don’t need much more than a 555 timer chip to make electronic noise. But The Loud Objects have taken it step further – the chip they have chosen for the Noise Toy is a programmable microcontroller. Which means if you don’t like the sounds it makes, you can make it sound however you want. Which is very, very cool.

UPDATE – it looks like The Loud Objects does have an album, called Cory Archangels, released on the Free Music Archive.

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