Bangsplat Presents Download Store

The Bangsplat digital download store is now open!

There’s a good reason that iTunes and Amazon MP3 Download Store have become so popular. Increasing broadband speeds and storage capacity makes instant gratification possible for music purchases. I’m not real fond of MP3 as a distribution format, but technology provides a solution for that in the form of FLAC – the Free Lossless Audio Codec. If you download the FLAC version of Music For The Robots, you can burn a CD that exactly matches my QC master. Since so many people like MP3 files, I have high quality MP3 files available as well.

I decided not to do a physical release for Music For The Robots. Between the FLAC and MP3 downloads, everyone should be able to get what they need. The album purchases include album artwork and liner notes.

But how to do this without paying excessive service fees? There’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to host this myself. I was happy to find the Brad Sucks Digital Download Store. It’s a store he wrote for himself, but has made available for others to use for free. Thank you, Brad – it’s just what I needed.

Brad Sucks makes some great music, and he’s got this whole digital business model figured out. You should go check out his store.

Then you should go check out the Bangsplat digital download store and check it out, too.

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