CES 2010 Part 2

Saturday was my last day in Las Vegas. It wasn’t nearly as quiet as I had hoped, but I was able to check out a few things I had missed.

Sharp’s new QuadColor LCD line add a yellow element to each pixel.

Sharp Yellow QuadPixel LCD

It certainly seemed to make for much more saturated yellows and greens – but it was difficult to tell from their short sample video loop, which had a lot of yellow in it.

Monster Cable has overpriced headphones to go with their overpriced cables. Lady Gaga followed up her appearance at the Polaroid booth by announcing a new line of headphones for Monster. I guess being creative director at Polaroid isn’t exactly a full-time job.

Her headphones are Heartbeats earbuds. More precisely, they’re earbud covers. The other new headphones are part of the Beats by Dr. Dre line of DJ headphones. Their selling point was bass response. CES isn’t exactly an ideal listening environment, and they only had three songs you could listen to, but they did sound bassy. I’m guessing they’re going for the demographic that listens to rap too loud over the subwoofer in their car.


Back at the Robot TechZone, I got a closer look at the iFairy robot. Turns out, it’s made by a company named Kokoro, which is owned by Sanrio – the Hello Kitty folks. Which makes it all the more disturbing. But it explains the red bow on the back of the head.


One exhibitor in the Robot TechZone that I couldn’t get to because of the iFairy demo that was going on when I was there before, was the Paro robot, a therapeutic seal robot. It has a bunch of servos and moves around semi-randomly. There are also a number of pressure sensors that let it respond to touch. If you pet Paro, it responds like it wants more. Which is a little creepy. But it was intended as a therapeutic robot pet.

Paro Therapy Robot

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