RPM Challenge 2010 Update

It’s February, which means RPM Challenge. When I wrote about this year’s RPM Challenge previously, I had mentioned plans that all changed when I sat down to create the tracks.

Last year, I wrote a synthesizer to generate notes, and developed a 16-tone scale. The score of the piece was intended to develop interesting combinations in that scale. I like the outcome, but it wasn’t quite what I was after.

Last week, I worked out two alternative approaches, using the same notes created for last year’s effort. One of them will be my RPM Challenge 2010 entry. I’m calling it “Binary Bebop.”

This isn’t just musical alliteration. The result sounds a little like a computer’s idea of avant garde jazz that is intentionally undanceable.

I have another variation in the works, more Binary Bebop. While the project is fresh, I’m going to lay it down. Once the RPM 2010 tracks go live, I’ll post it here.

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