Zero Day

MC Frontalot’s new album, Zero Day, isn’t out until April 6th but you can download it today. Legally. And if you’re into Nerdcore hip hop music, you’ll want to.

MC Frontalot has a different approach to selling his music than other online musicians. He sells CDs. He charges $14 for them, which per my stated preferences is on the high side, but he provides a download of the music in MP3, AAC, or FLAC. The FLAC files are 24 bit, to boot (meaning the files I downloaded are of higher quality than the CD I will receive in a few weeks).

Interestingly, the release date is the same as Here Lies Love, which I recently complained about but still pre-ordered. The download for that will be made available “on or before” the release date.

I didn’t love Frontalot’s previous release, Final Boss. I bought it because Jonathan Coulton co-wrote and sang on one song. There are a couple songs I like, but overall it didn’t thrill me. Don’t know why – just didn’t stick with me. The first single of Zero Day, Your Friend Wil, was good enough that I decided to take the plunge. Good thing, too – I’m really liking it. Your Friend Wil is actually one of the weaker tracks. The comedy bits are funny and lead into the songs cleverly. My fave is First World Problem, which sets out to put the modern geek’s problems in perspective. Watch out for Spoiler Alert if you’re behind on the Harry Potter series.

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