Here Lies Love

It’s April 5th and my copy of the David Byrne/Fatboy Slim album Here Lies Love showed up today. The release date is tomorrow.

Awesome. I love it when that happens.

But where is my download? The Deluxe Package was supposed to come with a download link “on or before” the release data. OK, I guess it’s still before the release date, but I kind of took that to mean I would get the download to listen before the album itself came out. I have the CDs now, so I don’t so much need the download anymore (unless it includes 24 bit FLAC files – the download for Everything That Happens Will Happen Today did).

Minor quibble. Just seems a little backwards.

The bigger quibble is the packaging. The book is lovely, as expected, but the CDs and DVD are in sealed PVC disc envelopes glued into the endpapers. Like software CDs in overpriced computer books. You have to tear away part of the plastic to get to the discs. Ick.

I haven’t written about the Black Francis The Golem package yet for obvious reasons. But it is a gorgeous package, and designed to be a home to the CDs and DVD, not just a purchase delivery method.

The Der Golem box set is sold out and I can’t even find a good link. Here’s a summary of the live performance in San Francisco from 2008.

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