Loud Objects Noise Toy Build Night At Crash Space 2010-04-28

On Wednesday, April 28th at 8 PM, I will be hosting a Loud Objects Noise Toy kit build night at Crash Space. It’s our Kit O’ The Month for April.

The Loud Objects Noise Toy is an electronic noisemaker that is loads of fun and makes a great kit to learn to solder. It is aptly named because it is LOUD. It also has a cool-looking but ridiculously large on/off switch.

Loud Objects Noise Toy

Crash Space is a hackerspace in Los Angeles (well, Culver City if you want to get technical) located at 10526 Venice Blvd, Culver City CA 90232.

We’ll be getting a bunch of kits and everyone gets to take one home. We have soldering irons, so you don’t need anything, but bring your own if you’re picky. Cost is $22 for members, $32 for non-members, and includes the cost of the kit. You can sign up online, or show up with cash at the door (providing we don’t sell out).

What does it sound like? By default, it sounds like this.

But the coolest thing about the Noise Toy is that it is reprogrammable and you can make it sound just about any way you want. After everyone has a working Noise Toy, I will do a presentation on programming it. We can experiment and program individual noise toys.

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