Loud Objects Noise Toy Build Night Update

Quick update on the Loud Objects Noise Toy Build Night scheduled for this Wednesday, April 28th at Crash Space in Los Angeles.

There’s been a slight change in plans. It seems the kit is sold out so we’re going to build our own programmable noise toys from scratch. We’ll take a (small) pile of parts and end up with a (loud) noise-making device. Everyone goes home with a noise toy.

After we’re done building, I’ll do a little presentation on programming the device. We can experiment and program everyone’s noise toys.

Learn how to solder! Learn about microcontrollers! Make crazy audible square waves with a small silicon chip! Annoy your pets and neighbors!

There are soldering irons and solder at the space, so you don’t need to bring anything unless you’re picky about your tools. You can sign up online, or show up with cash at the door (providing we don’t sell out).

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