The Joy Of Wire

This Thursday, June 3, Steve Lampen will be giving his Joy Of Wire presentation at Crash Space.

This presentation was the last thing on the schedule for the Hollywood Post Alliance Tech Retreat this past February, and I decided to stay for it because Steve is an engaging speaker even when talking on mundane technical topics. I’m glad I did because this was a mind-blowing talk that I found thought provoking and challenging. I thought would find a more receptive audience at Crash Space than at an entertainment industry conference, so I invited Steve to visit, and he happily agreed.

There’s more information on the Crash Space blog. Here’s the synopsis:

Steve has given this talk dozens of times as a special presentation for his employer, Belden, a leading manufacturer of cable for the broadcast and entertainment industries. Now he gives it to a larger audience. This thought-provoking presentation covers the march of technology, focusing on those with lack of vision that stood in the way of progress, and on the technologies that has been lost and rediscovered. He covers subjects as varied as Aztec basketball and the Big Bang, and challenges his audience about their own lack of vision and where we are going. Are you ready for tomorrow? There are ethical and moral questions rapidly coming which many do not see or understand. And, believe it or not, he brings the journey back to the subject of wire and cable.

So if you’re in L.A., come see The Joy Of Wire on Thursday and spend some time in the future. What else are you going to do? Lost is over, and The Office and 30 Rock are in repeats.

Talk starts at 8pm, open to the public. Free for members $10 suggested donations for non-members.

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