RepRap Part Number 1

Today the L.A. MakerBot group met at CRASH Space this afternoon. One of the guests was making a Rep Rap Darwin and was interested in knowing what was involved in printing the plastic parts on a MakerBot.

To demonstrate, I downloaded the RepRap 1.0.6 STL files from Thingiverse and randomly selected one (the bed clamp), sliced it up in the new ReplicatorG 0017 (which has STL import/preview and integrated Skeinforge) and printed it.

I fought with the new ReplicatorG for a couple hours, but got it sorted out and printed out the part. It was a bigger part than I’ve done before – about 50 mm x 40 mm x 6 mm – so I expected curling and incomplete fill areas. But it turned out near perfect. The sides are very straight and the top and bottom are nice and even and solid.

Behold a thing of beauty:
RepRap Part

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