Music For The Monsters progresses. Really.

The aforementioned chip music documentary (extended for another week, in case you didn’t get a chance to see it last week) inspired me to play around with a Game Boy emulator and the LSDJ software (I still need to dig up my physical Game Boy). It’s insanely complicated (or capable, depending on your point of view) and I struggle just to get it to make anything like a coherent sound. But I have parlayed that semi-coherent sound, along with some Electroplankton sounds, into a piece I rather like.

My adventures into 8-bit land were done, ironically, in high resolution – I mastered and mixed the new piece at 24 bit, 192 kHz stereo sound. All that crunchy 8 bit sound is preserved with meticulous perfection. I find this very amusing.

The track is called (at least for now) 8-Bit Tango, and it extends the run of robot dance-themed song titles that I’m coming up with lately (Disco On Jupiter, Thingamagoop Two-Step). So I think I have refined my concept. I still need a few tracks to round out the album.

Reviewing tracks I have completed so far, I took another look at RoboACID (excerpt), my 97 minute noise lullaby masterpiece, and realized that longer compositions like this are perfect candidates for a CODE-style high-resolution PCM DVD.

Well, in this case, almost. RoboACID wasn’t mastered at 24/96 resolution, so the extra resolution is mostly wasted. But, given the way it was created, it relies on the artifacts created by seriously upsampling low-resolution audio, so one final upsampling is keeping in the spirit of the thing.

I think I need some video to go along with it. You’d think that I would know – I spent all day authoring a DVD…

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