Metallica Sees The Light? Again?

Last time we visited Metallica, they were trying to figure out how to take advantage of the whole downloading thing.

Their solution appears to be to put clips up of their forthcoming album on their website. Hey, it’s a start. It worked for Wilco and Flaming Lips.

Oh, wait. The streams are worse than the preview clips on Amazon or AMG. They’re only 10-15 seconds long, and the Windows Media versions are encoded at 48 kbps for a stereo 44.1 kHz file. Not exactly high fidelity – and not really enough to get a good sense of the songs.

Meanwhile, Matthew Sweet is streaming entire tracks from his album – available for sale now – on his website.

The banner ad for the new record says it’s available for download from Shout! Factory, but can anyone find a way to actually buy a downloadable version of the album?

If you click on the banner ad, it brings you to Shout! Factory, where you can order the CD or the LP. But no download.

If you click on the Store link on the Matthew Sweet site, though, brings you to another third party site, It lists Sunshine Lies as being available for pre-order, but if you click on the pre-order link, you get a Cold Fusion error page.

What about iTunes? Search on Matthew Sweet and Sunshine Lies doesn’t show up in the list of Matthew Sweet albums. But it’s there – you just have to search on the album name.

I ordered the CD, hoping I’d get a download of it as well – but no dice. So now I can’t go buy it in a store, but I’d still like to listen to it before the CD arrives. Grrr.

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