As a corollary to my self-imagined Long Music Movement is the Slow Movement, which puts for the notion that faster is not always better.

In today’s world, it is all too easy to want to rush through everything, faster faster faster. Instant gratification, video on demand, digital downloads, e-mail at the speed of light.

Carl Honore wrote a book about this called In Praise Of Slowness. Haven’t read it yet, but if I order it from Amazon in the next 12 hours, I can get it delivered by Monday.

There are also Slow Food and Slow Design movements as well.

About half-way between is The Long Now Foundation, which promotes long-term thinking. Real long term. One of their projects is a clock designed to last (and be accurate) for 10,000 years.

One of the board members is Brian Eno, whose music I mentioned as an example of long compositions. He has written music which could accompany the clock, called Bell Studies For The Clock Of The Long Now. It’s not a long composition, unfortunately, but the CD is quite interesting nonetheless.

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