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More iPhone Music

Some folks are doing cool stuff for real with the iPhone and Nintendo DS. Japanese artist Jet Daisuke took his Nintendo DSi, attached a straw, and turned the Korg DS-10 into a talkbox. (Cool enough, but people have been doing this for decades.) Jet Daisuke also does a gadget “orchestra” of the Nintendo DS, iPhone/iPod […]

Defective By Design

The Defective By Design folks probably don’t mean that title in an ironic way. But the whole idea behind their anti-DRM campaign is itself problematic. The site should be a general resource of information on Digital Rights Management and why it is in general a bad idea. There is some of this – they do […]

Digital Copy Me, part 3

Quality is another issue with downloadable media – though more so with video than audio. But acceptance of quality issues in audio has paved the way to a worse situation with video. A few years ago, 128 kbps was the standard bitrate for stereo MP3 files. In a critical listening environment, 128 kbps is clearly […]

Digital Copy Me, part 2

In the last post, we discussed the prospect of the death of physical media distribution of entertainment content, and what might takes its place. There are currently three basic models: streaming on a proprietary network (cable company, cell phone provider, etc.), streaming on the Internet, and download from the Internet. All suffer from the same […]