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RPM Challenge 2016 Cover

I didn’t need the extra (leap) day for RPM Challenge this year. Here’s the cover I made for it. I’ll be uploading to Bandcamp shortly as a pay-what-you-want download. It should be available in the RPM Challenge jukebox as well at some point.

Download Aponeurotic Scleroskeleton

Aponeurotic Scleroskeleton by Bangsplat I have had trouble uploading my (unusually) long tracks tracks to the RPM Challenge Jukebox. Instead of putting this year’s in the download store, I set up my Bandcamp account.

RPM Challenge 2012

I popped the CD of 2012 RPM Challenge album, Aponeurotic Scleroskeleton, in the mail today. This is my fifth RPM challenge, and I had forgotten that it was supposed to be postmarked by March 1. I promise that it was completed during the month of February! In theory, it should be available for listening in […]

RPM 2011 Entry Mailed

I dropped the padded envelope containing Music In 0xC Parts off at the post office this morning. I’ve been done for a week (not to brag) but needed to burn a few copies to CD for the RPM submission and a few friends. And to listen to in the car. These will likely be the […]

RPM 2011 Cover

February is wrapping up and I’m finishing my RPM Challenge. It’s a hour-long piece using my hex scale, modeling my idea of the Rhythmicon as described by Nicolas Slonimsky in Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey, and switching between different variations. I had planned on mixing in other elements (Theremin, noise toys and other electronic noise generators) […]