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The Loud Objects Noise Toy

The Loud Objects are a collective of electronic noise musicians, including Tristan Perich, whose 1 Bit Music I have written about previously. It is difficult to call them a band, as they don’t really have albums, but they do performances using electronic noisemakers of their own design. They collaborated with Bleep Labs on the Bit […]

Der Golem

I think Music For The Monsters/Robots/Whatever is essentially done. At least the music part. I’ve begun working on the artwork – which may be somewhat pointless because there may not be a physical release. Not being able to settle on a title has been a great procrastination method. Not that there is a need to […]

RPM Challenge 2009

I rather enjoyed last year’s RPM Challenge and will be participating again this year. In fact, I can’t wait until midnight to get started. (The RPM Challenge is an organization which encourages musicians to write, record, mix, and master an album in the month of February.) You can still hear my 2008 entry in the […]