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Bit Blob Jr. Kit Build Night

February is turning into music month at CRASH Space. February 26 is another Handmade Music Los Angeles. Prior to that, on February 10th, I will be hosting a kit build night. We’ll be building the Bleep Labs Bit Blob Jr. The Bit Blob Jr. is the kit version of the Bleep Labs/Loud Objects noise maker […]

Space, Baby!

Wooster Audio has a digital delay/effects kit called the Space Baby. And it is awesome. Like the Bleep Labs Nebulophone, it’s an Andromeda Space Rockers unit introduced at the recent Handmade Music Austin. It has the same iR sync mechanism as the Nebulophone. The Space Baby has an adjustable delay, controllable feedback, a wet/dry mixer, […]


Dr Bleep has a new kit called the PicoPaso. It’s inspired by (though not the same circuit as) the Atari Punk Console. There are only a handful of components – a chip, three capacitors, a handful of resistors, two two photocells, a couple potentiometers, two buttons, and a 1/4″ jack. The 1/4″ jack doubles as […]

The Koan Of Fail

When I set up to record the Thingamagoop 2 sample, there was a small problem. It has a phono jack on top for plugging in headphones, or for connecting to an amp, mixer or digital recorder. When you plug a 1/4″ plug into it, the speaker is disconnected, which is handy when you don’t want […]

Thingamagoop 2 Sounds

Here’s a sample of what the Thingamagoop 2 sounds like: Thingamagoop 2 Sample #2 This doesn’t show the whole range of sounds possible, but I was messing around last night and came up with this. It’s a Think Geek Bliptronic 5000 and the Thingamagoop 2 being played with a laser pointer from across the room. […]