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The Bangsplat Non-Realtime Audio Synthesizer

I’ve been writing a software synthesizer to help develop some ideas that have been percolating recently. Why not use one of the many readily-available synthesizers in the world (either hardware or software)? Two reasons. Most additive synthesis synthesizers are limited to one or two (or at most, several) oscillators. But what if you want more? […]

iPhone Music (Revisited)

I finally got my iPhone yesterday. Early Christmas present! I downloaded Bloom of course. And Four Track, which has gotten some interesting reviews. But when I went to get Sonic Lighter, I discovered that Smule had released more apps. More iPhone ChucK goodies! The popular one is Ocarina, which is exactly what the name suggests. […]

iPhone Music

Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers have a generative music iPhone/iPod Touch app called Bloom. And it is awesome. It’s kind of a minimal Electroplankton without the creatures. Touching the screen plays a note. It’s very intuitive – the higher on the screen, the higher the note. It emulates a tape loop delay, so each note […]