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Stereo Is Overrated

Today, 2009-09-09 is Beatles day (get it? Number NIne… Number Nine… Number Nine…). Which means new versions of their albums have been released. Most of the attention has been placed on the new version of Rock Band that uses Beatles songs – and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is what ended up making the […]

Compression (Two Types)

I have complained frequently in the past (though not on this blog, apparently) that the iPod is ruining music. Well, not the iPod itself so much as a all the things that helped make the iPod popular: limited internet bandwidth, small hard drives, and crappy headphones. In the days of dialup modems and hard drives […]

Deluxe My Foot

AAAAARRRRRGH! Why Do They Insist On Doing This? A friend told us that the new 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of Murmur sounded really good. Woo-hoo! Remastered R.E.M.! Well, not so fast there, bucko. Let’s look at the booklet… In the remastering credits, no one from the band or the original production team is listed. That’s […]

Neil Young, Audio Engineer

By The Way, Neil Young has the worst website in the world. But we won’t hold that against him. He’s a geek who obsesses over electric hybrid cars and sits on the board of a toy company. Oh, yeah – and he’s a fine musician, too. This week he spoke at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech […]