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Handmade Music L.A. 3.0

Handmade Music L.A. 3.0 is happening on Saturday May 29th at CRASH Space, 10526 Venice Blvd., Culver City 90232. Handmade music is all about people making music with hand-made instruments (hardware or software). We will have performances with monomes, and Pd patches, and chess boards. And demonstrations of instruments people have made and that you can […]

RPM Challenge 2012

I popped the CD of 2012 RPM Challenge album, Aponeurotic Scleroskeleton, in the mail today. This is my fifth RPM challenge, and I had forgotten that it was supposed to be postmarked by March 1. I promise that it was completed during the month of February! In theory, it should be available for listening in […]

CMKT4 Bottle-Cap Contact Mic Workshop

CMKT4 is a rather prolific circuit-bent band that makes awesome contact mics made from recycled bottle caps that they sell through the GetLoFi store. But they also teach workshops on how to make them. They’re going to Maker Faire next weekend and did a hackerspace tour on the way there. Saturday night they stopped at […]

Bottle-Cap Contact Mic Workshop At CRASHspace

CMKT4 is coming to Maker Faire and they’re visiting hackerspaces along the way, showing how to build their awesome bottle-cap contact microphones. They’ll be at CRASHspace on Saturday, 14 May 2011, from 6-9 PM. Build a contact mic and learn to use it. $15 gets you one mic. Another $10 gets you a second. While […]

Handmade Music L.A. v2.0

CRASHspace hosted the second Handmade Music L.A. on Saturday February 26. We had a full house and a good slate of performers.  And most of them have new music you can get for free or cheap!