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Who Won The Week?

You would think that Detroit music buddies (and Raconteurs bandmates) Jack White and Brendan Benson could coordinate their new album release dates a little better, but they both released their new solo albums (“Blunderbuss” and “What Kind Of World,” respectively) on Tuesday. To pack the day even more, Portland indie rock favorites The Dandy Warhols […]

Stop That!

For me, 2010 was marked by a dubious milestone. This was a year in which I witnessed two seizures induced by lighting at concerts. I don’t ever want to see another, because it never needs to happen. In July, my wife and I saw The New Pornographers at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland. We love […]

Table Music

Courtney Taylor Taylor of the Dandy Warhols made a post on their site yesterday about their latest music project, and I’m tingling with anticipation. One of the only baroque records that I truly love is a collection of tafelmusik by Johann Heinrich Schmeltzer. Back in those days the very wealthy and powerful would hire their […]

Subscription Music Goes Mainstream

Apple and EMI announced iTunes Pass today, which is kind of like a season pass for an album. The first iTunes Pass is the new Depeche Mode album, Sounds Of The Universe. So far, one track is available for purchase. If you purchase the pass, you get it and one pass-only track, as well as […]

The Dynamic Album

David Hooper’s Music Marketing [dot] com is always a fascinating read on the independant music business. He has an article talking about Nashville musician Geoff Smith, who calls his latest album “Ones And 0s” a “dynamic album”. This is great name for the music subscription model. The album is not a static traditional album that […]