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How Many Bits Is Too Many?

So, if 1 bit is fine for an electronic symphonic work, why do CDs and MP3s use 16 bits? Well, it turns out that Tristan Perich’s 1 bit music is a special case, and in general, we need more bits – but is 16 enough? How many should we really be using? *** Digital audio, […]

Megapixels Revisited (Diffusion And Gain)

I’ve complained about the megapixel wars problem before. My contention has always been that on a typical DSLR sensor, 6 megapixels is about the practical limit. A smaller resolution would be the practical limit for compact point-and-shoot cameras. Here’s a nice blog post on why that is. Because of the wave-like nature of light, there […]

Digital Black Hole

Archaeologists looking back on our time will be confounded by two problems of our own making: the Cultural Black Hole and a Digital Black Hole. We live in amazing times. Technology gives us pocket-sized computers which allow us to communicate with others thousands of miles away, as well as record events in audio and video. […]

Film Vs. Digital

I spend a lot of time talking about how digital technology affects audio, particularly in terms of music creation and distribution. Photography is affected in much the same way. Millions of people enjoy the benefits of digital photography every day, though the advantages are somewhat smaller than for digital audio. Film cameras are cheap. Film […]