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Atari Punk Console

There are quite a few DIY music plans and kits available on the internet. I’ve talked about some – I have the Loud Objects Noise Toy and the Thingamagoop. It’s exciting that a minimum of electronic components can be assembled into a functional noise-making device. But while the Loud Objects Noise Toy shows that all […]

Moldover’s Album

There have been some good creative packaging on CDs this year. My favorite may be the functional CD tray of Moldover’s Album. The Awesome Edition comes with a circuit board in lieu of the standard jewel case tray. The artwork and track listing are traces on the board, which is cool, but the great thing […]


Given my focus on non-realtime music, it is odd that my most recent obsession is with ukuleles. Neither grade school piano lessons nor a University rock guitar god fantasy turned me into much of a musical performer. I can play a piano, of course – it is a very simple instrument – but just because […]