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Give It Away

The Wall Street Journal has an article called “The Economics Of Giving It Away”. Not a lot of examples of musicians using a free models, but the principles apply. The central point is that in a digital world, low overhead costs allow free distribution of product essentially as marketing. Which is not to say companies […]


Cory Doctorow has thought more about alternative distribution strategies than just about just about anyone else. His medium is the written word, but the fundamentals are the same. Think like a dandelion, he says. The crux of his point is that mammals expend a great deal of energy to foster each and every offspring to […]

Michael Crawford

Here’s a musician who takes the alternative music distribution thing to the extreme. Not only is his music available for free download, he’ll even send you a CD for free. I once worked out that it costs me almost $5 to produce a copy of Happenstance (single-disc version). A quality CD-R and jewel case, two […]