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Seven Pieces Of Tilework

How do you argue with free music? Tom Johnson writes very mathematical modern music, and his latest album is available for listening on his web site. He has a lot of CDs for sale, since he’s been writing music for a while. So this must be an interesting transition. Or not. As he says on […]

RPM Challenge 2009 Update 2

I have a title for the RPM Challenge piece: Discrete Silicon Transform.

RPM Challenge 2009 Update

So, whose brilliant idea was it to schedule the finale of the Tour Of California (finishing up in Escondido), the NASCAR Auto Club 500 (in Fontana), and the Oscars (Hollywood) all on the same day? My TiVo is straining under the load. Somehow, I managed to finish my RPM Challenge 2009 piece as well. Or […]

Free Music

I’m releasing The Rauschenberg Variations today as a free (as in beer and as in speech) album. Download it here. Read more about the project here. These tracks are being released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License. Meaning, you can copy them for your friends, put them on your (free) podcast, remix them […]


Cory Doctorow has thought more about alternative distribution strategies than just about just about anyone else. His medium is the written word, but the fundamentals are the same. Think like a dandelion, he says. The crux of his point is that mammals expend a great deal of energy to foster each and every offspring to […]