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CES 2010

Last year, CES seemed a tad sparse. They corrected that by shrinking away the Sands Expo Center, and parts of the Las Vegas Convention Center South Hall. The new leaner, meaner CES feels more right again – crowded, too many people not looking where they are walking, and far too many wheel bags. The big […]

Cultural Black Hole

The Financial Times has an article on the current state of American copyright, and while the article itself mostly focuses on the Google Books brouhaha, it has a great title: “A Copyright Black Hole Swallows Our Culture”. Once upon a time, three things held true. Copyrights were relatively short. You had to renew them (most […]

What’s My Name?

My post about Robert Rauschenberg’s passing contained a typo – I mis-spelled his name Rauschemberg (since fixed). Last week, this blog started getting a rash of traffic generated by search engines resulting from multiple phrases containing “Rauschemberg”. Some of the phrases (“combines de rauschemberg”) make it clear that these are folks searching on information about […]

“wav file for car noise at 10 dB”

One of the top searches that leads people to this blog is “wav file for car noise at 10 dB”. Currently, the third result on Google for that phrase is my post LPCM WAV AAC And MP3. I’m at a loss why someone would search on this particular phrase. Or why this blog shows up […]