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Monome – Another Video

Here’s another video of the Monome I built. Monome MK 256 from Bangsplat on Vimeo. There is a ton of software available on the Monome site, for a variety of platforms: Max/MSP, Pure Data, ChucK, etc. I like the idea of using Pure Data (Pd), which is as open source as the Monome itself. Max/MSP […]

“sequencer different time grids”

Someone searched on “sequencer different time grids” to find this blog. While I’ve been obsessed with different scale types, I never thought much about the implications of different time scales in grid sequencers. Currently, this blog comes up second in the Google search. The first hit is a discussion of an interesting-looking sequencer for Atari […]

Grid Sequencers

The first time I ever saw a Tenori-On was at the Hollywood House Of Blues in the hands of Jonathan Coulton. He used it to play My Monkey. I knew what the crazy Lite-Brite sequencer thing was, because it was designed by Toshio Iwai, the man behind the Nintendo DS “game” Electroplankton. Back in 2008, […]