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Oh Em Gee – Dee Ess Ten

I got the Korg DS-10 Synthesizer today. In case you haven’t seen the demos, the DS-10 is a software synthesizer for the Nintendo DS, based (loosely) on the Korg MS-20. Ignoring the cost of the DS itself, it’s a $40 analogue modeling synthesizer. Which is pretty amazing, given that quality software synthesizers can cost hundreds […]

The Flaming Lips’ New Guitar Hero Axe

NBC got the Flaming Lips (among others) to do their interpretation of the NBC chimes. There’s a video that shows Wayne’s double-neck guitar hack – he’s replaced one of the necks with a Guitar Hero controller. He even says, “there are a lot of kids who think this is how you play guitar now.” I […]

The Anti-Rock Band

Wii Music is the anti Guitar Hero/Rock Band. (And that’s a good thing.) It won’t teach you to play an actual instrument, but you make actual music, and it encourages you to “color outside the lines”. It just came out yesterday, so I’ve only seen a small fraction of the game. So far it’s all […]