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MakerBot Is Go!

Every self-respecting hackerspace needs a MakerBot, so Crash Space got a MakerBot! (The other thing every self-respecting hackerspace needs is a laser cutter. Bre Pettis calls it the best hackerspace upgrade ever. That’s next.) The MakerBot arrived about a month ago. We spent two Sundays building it. And then… it sat. Everyone is excited about […]

Noise Toy Build Night Recap

The Noise Toy build night was a success. There were six of us and we ended up with five working devices (one person had to leave early). The plan turned out to be too involved for a single evening. We got far enough to get everyone making noise, but we did not get the programming […]

Crash Space

I’ve been playing around with the Loud Objects Noise Toy for a while now, trying to figure out how to reporgram it. I’ve figured out quite a bit, but there isn’t really any documentation and there seems to be an assumption that you know what you’re doing to start with. I don’t. What I need […]

Moldover’s Album

There have been some good creative packaging on CDs this year. My favorite may be the functional CD tray of Moldover’s Album. The Awesome Edition comes with a circuit board in lieu of the standard jewel case tray. The artwork and track listing are traces on the board, which is cool, but the great thing […]