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Handmade Music L.A. 3.0

Handmade Music L.A. 3.0 is happening on Saturday May 29th at CRASH Space, 10526 Venice Blvd., Culver City 90232. Handmade music is all about people making music with hand-made instruments (hardware or software). We will have performances with monomes, and Pd patches, and chess boards. And demonstrations of instruments people have made and that you can […]

Handmade Music L.A. v2.0

CRASHspace hosted the second Handmade Music L.A. on Saturday February 26. We had a full house and a good slate of performers.  And most of them have new music you can get for free or cheap!

CNC Music

The MakerBot, like most CNC devices, uses stepper motors to control the build platform and Z axis. Stepper motors work by turning on and off to precisely control positioning, which means they make noise. The noise generated depends on the motion, so if you move the motors just right, you can control the pitch and […]

Loop Machine Prototype

Here’s a picture of the Loop Machine prototype finished up for Handmade Music L.A.

Loop Machine

Did you ever spend time circling a great idea without realizing it? The moment of recognition is an epiphany that can make one feel a genius. Or make one wonder what great ideas one never recognized. *** A few years ago, a little transistor radio-sized device called the Buddha Machine caused a bit of a […]