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Where Are My Smart Agents?

So say you want to buy music online. Why not? It’s convenient and well… convenient. Particularly if you already know what you want. Nothing beats a properly organized, well-stocked record store for finding new music. If you walk in and find music you like, then look at the albums nearby and have a high chance […]

Felicia Day Can Write A Cookie To My Computer Any Day

You saw Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, right? Right??? Everybody and their dog blogged about it. Felicia Day is great as Penny, but she’s also kind of the actress version of Jonathan Coulton – using the internet to promote her work. Her website is a great launchpad for all her various internet presences. Like Jonathan Coulton, […]

Another Day, Another Web 2.0 Site

The biggest complaint about Twitter seems to be that it just doesn’t work. The site frequently complains about being too busy, and they have turned off features to keep the site from being overloaded. This could be an opportunity for someone with a Twitter-like service that actually works. One contenders is identi.ca. It seems a […]

Free Music Is Not A Marketing Strategy

I feel like a zealous evangelist saying this, but the whole point of providing a free option on music distribution is to let more people hear your music, not to sell more of the non-free stuff. It’s a business model, not a marketing strategy. Some of you might say there is no difference. And you […]

Metallica Sees The Light?

Metallica is now embracing file sharing? In a Rolling Stone interview, Metallica talks about plans for their new album. So, their fight against Napster was “never about downloading”? and that they have been closely watching Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails and looking to see how they can “embrace everything”. Okay… So they are now interested […]