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Over the past week, a theater downtown has been showing the Godfrey Reggio film Koyaanisqatsi, with a different musical act providing live soundtrack each night. The theater is the Downtown Independent, a shining new space in a not-so-shining neighborhood. It’s a cool theater – they have reclining couches and serve beer. They need to do […]

RPM Challenge 2009

I rather enjoyed last year’s RPM Challenge and will be participating again this year. In fact, I can’t wait until midnight to get started. (The RPM Challenge is an organization which encourages musicians to write, record, mix, and master an album in the month of February.) You can still hear my 2008 entry in the […]

Robot Sings The Blues

This week, there’s been some buzz surrounding Microsoft’s latest software, Songsmith. Yes, Microsoft. Songsmith is touted as a everyone-can-make-music killer app. You just sing into a microphone and it makes up music to match. Just what everyone wants to do on a Friday evening. The original demo video suggests that it makes up music based […]

More iPhone Music

Some folks are doing cool stuff for real with the iPhone and Nintendo DS. Japanese artist Jet Daisuke took his Nintendo DSi, attached a straw, and turned the Korg DS-10 into a talkbox. (Cool enough, but people have been doing this for decades.) Jet Daisuke also does a gadget “orchestra” of the Nintendo DS, iPhone/iPod […]

iPhone Music (Revisited)

I finally got my iPhone yesterday. Early Christmas present! I downloaded Bloom of course. And Four Track, which has gotten some interesting reviews. But when I went to get Sonic Lighter, I discovered that Smule had released more apps. More iPhone ChucK goodies! The popular one is Ocarina, which is exactly what the name suggests. […]