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RPM Challenge 2009 Update 2

I have a title for the RPM Challenge piece: Discrete Silicon Transform.

RPM Challenge 2009 Update

So, whose brilliant idea was it to schedule the finale of the Tour Of California (finishing up in Escondido), the NASCAR Auto Club 500 (in Fontana), and the Oscars (Hollywood) all on the same day? My TiVo is straining under the load. Somehow, I managed to finish my RPM Challenge 2009 piece as well. Or […]


As a corollary to my self-imagined Long Music Movement is the Slow Movement, which puts for the notion that faster is not always better. In today’s world, it is all too easy to want to rush through everything, faster faster faster. Instant gratification, video on demand, digital downloads, e-mail at the speed of light. Carl […]


Music For The Monsters progresses. Really. The aforementioned chip music documentary (extended for another week, in case you didn’t get a chance to see it last week) inspired me to play around with a Game Boy emulator and the LSDJ software (I still need to dig up my physical Game Boy). It’s insanely complicated (or […]

RPM Challenge Update 2

The piece is complete. It’s a little longer than I had planned – nearly 50 minutes. The biggest problem with a piece of that length is finding the time to listen to it uninterrupted to see what works and where the problems are. I took it with me to a conference in Palm Springs, and […]