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Hidden In Plain Sight

If you don’t know what is geocaching is, don’t feel too bad – most don’t. I kept hearing the term when researching GPS units, but didn’t really understand what it was until I downloaded the Geocaching iPhone app a short while ago. Now I’m hooked. The missus doesn’t really understand, and I guess it does […]

Richard Turner, Cheat

Richard Turner is a master with the pasteboards. He is not a magician; he does not do tricks. He does demonstrations of card cheating techniques. What he does looks an awful lot like magic – assistants chosen from the audience help him by shuffling, cutting, and re-arranging the deck, and he deals out perfect poker […]


Magic is an interesting art form in that it is primarily based on live performance. There is a thriving magic publishing industry, but it is not targeted at the general public. Instead, it is focused on selling books and DVDs to other magicians. Magic media for the layperson is mostly confined to the occasional variety […]

The Expert At The DVD Player

I visit Las Vegas at least twice a year, for the Consumer Electronics Show and the National Association Of Broadcasters conference. Although I look forward to these trips out of personal interest, these are work trips, to keep up on developments in the world of high tech. So these trips are not the fun and […]