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RPM Challenge 2012

I popped the CD of 2012 RPM Challenge album, Aponeurotic Scleroskeleton, in the mail today. This is my fifth RPM challenge, and I had forgotten that it was supposed to be postmarked by March 1. I promise that it was completed during the month of February! In theory, it should be available for listening in […]

Leap Day

Well, it’s February 29th. We all got an extra day for our RPM Challenge. (Or for February if you’re not participating in the RPM Challenge). It didn’t feel like four weeks plus one day, though. It was a busy month, punctuated by me getting sick and spending some time in the hospital. I’m feeling much […]

Digital Design For Personal Physical Manufacturing

Bre Pettis appeared on The Colbert Report tonight, introducing the Comedy Central show audience to 3D printing with a Thing-O-Matic and Thingiverse. It must have made quite an impact, because Thingiverse is very slow right now. I’m a big fan of the MakerBot and personal DIY manufacturing. I love the idea of small digital files […]


I spent last week in Carbondale, IL. I went partly to speak at the Southern Illinois University Innovative Systems conference, which is kind of a mini TED put on by the Engineering school for its students, with talks given by some very interesting people talking on a wide variety of topics. (I’m a little embarrassed […]

$15 Heated Build Platform

The stock MakerBot Cupcake kit comes with an acrylic build platform – nothing fancy, just a square of orange plastic sandwiched on a square of wood. The Cupcake prints 3D objects by melting ABS plastic on to the build platform, layer by layer. When the molten ABS hits the room temperature acrylic, it cools rapidly. […]