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Metallica’s new album comes out next week. Of course, if you really want to listen to it before then, it’s available from all the usual sources. Apparently, Lars is okay with the early leaks. Perhaps they have figured out that this isn’t going to hurt sales that much and they’re still going to make a […]

Metallica Sees The Light? Again?

Last time we visited Metallica, they were trying to figure out how to take advantage of the whole downloading thing. Their solution appears to be to put clips up of their forthcoming album on their website. Hey, it’s a start. It worked for Wilco and Flaming Lips. Oh, wait. The streams are worse than the […]

Metallica Sees The Light?

Metallica is now embracing file sharing? In a Rolling Stone interview, Metallica talks about plans for their new album. So, their fight against Napster was “never about downloading”? and that they have been closely watching Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails and looking to see how they can “embrace everything”. Okay… So they are now interested […]