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Tristan Perich is a musician who has been doing some very interesting things with microcontroller-based music. He is a member of the Loud Objects, makers of the Loud Objects Noise Toy (itself microcontroller-based). Several years ago, Perich released 1-Bit Music, a microcontroller hot glued to the inside of a CD jewel case, along with a […]

Loud Objects Noise Toy Build Night Update

Quick update on the Loud Objects Noise Toy Build Night scheduled for this Wednesday, April 28th at Crash Space in Los Angeles. There’s been a slight change in plans. It seems the kit is sold out so we’re going to build our own programmable noise toys from scratch. We’ll take a (small) pile of parts […]

Loud Objects Noise Toy Build Night At Crash Space 2010-04-28

On Wednesday, April 28th at 8 PM, I will be hosting a Loud Objects Noise Toy kit build night at Crash Space. It’s our Kit O’ The Month for April. The Loud Objects Noise Toy is an electronic noisemaker that is loads of fun and makes a great kit to learn to solder. It is […]

Space, Baby!

Wooster Audio has a digital delay/effects kit called the Space Baby. And it is awesome. Like the Bleep Labs Nebulophone, it’s an Andromeda Space Rockers unit introduced at the recent Handmade Music Austin. It has the same iR sync mechanism as the Nebulophone. The Space Baby has an adjustable delay, controllable feedback, a wet/dry mixer, […]

Open Source Licenses For Musical Instruments

I, as they say, am not a lawyer. But I’ve formed some definite opinions (and no small amount of confusion) while researching grid sequencers. My fascination with electronic noisemakers has introduced me to the world of microcontrollers. These noisemakers (and all devices built around microcontrollers) blur the line between hardware and software (being a combination […]