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Monome – Another Video

Here’s another video of the Monome I built. Monome MK 256 from Bangsplat on Vimeo. There is a ton of software available on the Monome site, for a variety of platforms: Max/MSP, Pure Data, ChucK, etc. I like the idea of using Pure Data (Pd), which is as open source as the Monome itself. Max/MSP […]

Handmade Music L.A. v2.0

CRASHspace hosted the second Handmade Music L.A. on Saturday February 26. We had a full house and a good slate of performers.  And most of them have new music you can get for free or cheap!

RPM Challenge 2011

It’s February, which means it’s time once again for the RPM Challenge. RPM is a challenge to musicians to write, record, mix, and master an album (10 songs or 45 minutes, whichever comes first) in the month of February. This will be my fourth year participating in the challenge (you can listen to 2008-2010 here), […]

Monome – Video

Here’s the completed Monome in action. It’s a ChucK script that uses the Monome buttons for Conway’s Game Of Life – along with sounds generated by the cells on the buttons.

Open Source Licenses For Musical Instruments

I, as they say, am not a lawyer. But I’ve formed some definite opinions (and no small amount of confusion) while researching grid sequencers. My fascination with electronic noisemakers has introduced me to the world of microcontrollers. These noisemakers (and all devices built around microcontrollers) blur the line between hardware and software (being a combination […]