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Music For The Robots

The Music part of Music For The Robots is complete. The tracks have been done for a while, but I was searching for names for a couple of the tracks. The album name has changed. I’m still going to do a Music For The Monsters, but this turned into a different album. I realized that […]

Der Golem

I think Music For The Monsters/Robots/Whatever is essentially done. At least the music part. I’ve begun working on the artwork – which may be somewhat pointless because there may not be a physical release. Not being able to settle on a title has been a great procrastination method. Not that there is a need to […]

Two Weeks

Been away on a much-deserved vacation for the last couple weeks. Brought along enough toys to blog and do some audio work, but did neither, so it’s been a little quiet around here. The content part of Music For The Monsters is just about done, I think, so I’ve been working on thoughts for the […]

Music For The Monsters

The new album progresses. There are several tracks done, and I’ve got several hours worth of sketches and tests. But not all of it fits the theme, so I still need some new material. The theme is based on the question “What would robot music sound like?”