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Music For The Robots Now Available For Sale

The music page now has a purchase button for Music For The Robots. Payments are currently being handled via PayPal.

Track Listing

Here’s the track listing for the new album: 1. Count Off 2. Decimal Ductia 3. Cybernetic Shuffle 4. 8 Bit Tango 5. Thingamagoop Three Step 6. Hyperspace Hop 7. Apocalypse Cha Cha 8. Disco On Jupiter 9. Three Notes And Running (Bangsplat Remix)


Music For The Robots

The Music part of Music For The Robots is complete. The tracks have been done for a while, but I was searching for names for a couple of the tracks. The album name has changed. I’m still going to do a Music For The Monsters, but this turned into a different album. I realized that […]