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RPM 2011 Entry Mailed

I dropped the padded envelope containing Music In 0xC Parts off at the post office this morning. I’ve been done for a week (not to brag) but needed to burn a few copies to CD for the RPM submission and a few friends. And to listen to in the car. These will likely be the […]

Blake And The Captain

This past Wednesday, Blake Edwards died. He was almost 90 years old and his best work was done decades ago, but his best work included Breakfast At Tiffany’s, A Shot In The Dark, The Pink Panther, Operation Petticoat, 10, and Victor/Victoria. If he had only made Breakfast At Tiffany’s, he would still be one of […]

Minimalist Accordion?

I keep the MP3 blog Music For Maniacs on my feed reader because it’s never boring, and every now and then something brilliant happens. This week, I can’t stop listening to What Capitalism Was Plays Philip Glass On Accordion. This is (mostly) one guy performing Philip Glass pieces on accordion. And it works remarkably well […]

It’s All The Same

Ken at the steelbrassnwood blog has a nice piece on the Philip Glass/Ira Glass meetup, “Glass On Glass”: Glass (Philip, that is) discusses his take on emotion in music: So Ira asked the obvious question, the one many people ask about Glass’s music. If he creates it by establishing small, simple elements, and then varying […]

In C 45th Anniversary

When you think of Los Angeles music, what pops to mind? Probably a seedy club on the Sunset Strip or the Hollywood Bowl. L.A.’s music tradition lay in film scores and rock music. Which is unfortunate. Los Angeles is home to some fantastic music venues, including the world-class Walt Disney Concert Hall. The L.A. Philharmonic […]