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RoboHeart Part 5

For the rest of the project, I had to get some help. The Yellowjacket Arduino didn’t work. Well, it kind of worked. But not on my home Wi-Fi network. I expect it has to do with the security type on my network. So, on to Plan B.

RoboHeart Part 4

The robot sculpture had a red plastic heart that needed to be replaced if I wanted the heart to be other colors.

RoboHeart Part 3

With the heartbeat sequence programmed, I could simply have connected the BlinkM to a 9v DC power source and had it run the heartbeat all the time. But I wanted more flexibility. BlinkMs use the standard I2C serial protocol, which can control multiple devices with two data wires. Up to 127 BlinkMs can be controlled […]

RoboHeart Part 2

The part of the robot heart sculpture hack that worked as planned was the illumination of the heart. I used a ThingM BlinkM MaxM, which is a monster programmable RGB LED. The MaxM has two parts – the LEDs themselves and a controller board. The controller board contains a small AVR microcontroller and can be […]

RoboHeart Part 1

I like making Christmas presents (or any presents, really). You can make them personalized and be certain that the recipient doesn’t already have one. And thanks to the personal fabrication revolution being fueled by the MakerBot, laser cutters, and the Arduino, I have the tools to make presents better than I ever could before. Back […]